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Reliable Rekey Service

Rekeying locks is the process of changing locks to be compatible with a different key. Many people rekey their locks when they have a lost or stolen key. Customers also rekey their locks when they have a broken key. You can depend on our team of employees if you ever need a door lock rekey.


Upon moving in to a new house, there are many bases that need to be covered. Mesa Locksmith Pro want to help you out with some of the tougher stuff. One of the very first steps to take would be a master lock replacement. When all the exterior doors can be opened using a single key, convenience levels skyrocket. It is not ideal to have a handful of them, this results in higher chances of lost keys. Have us do this installation when we rekey home for you.

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Residential Rekey

If you are looking for ways to add security to your home, our locksmiths can rekey home locks. With this, we will create a brand new key and change your locks to be compatible with it. When rekeying locks, if you have any misplaced or lost keys, they will no longer work with your locks.

Many people choose to have a house door lock rekey done when they fear their key may fall into the hands of a criminal or thief. Rekeying deadbolt locks is another option for added security. If you ever need to make new key, rekey locks, or anything else related to residential rekeying, you can trust our service to get the job done right in a fast, friendly manner.

Commercial Rekey

Do you have a master lock system in your office but lost the key? Call us today to have a professional rekey master lock for you. Master locks are great for commercial use; they allow you to control multiple locks without having multiple keys.


Our locksmiths can do a quick office door lock rekey on each door so your key so you don’t have to change office locks. We can extract broken key if you have one stuck inside one of your locks. Whether you need new keys made, locks rekeyed, or anything else, allow Mesa Locksmith to take care of all your commercial lock rekey needs.

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Automotive Rekey

If you have a lost key, it is always best to have a car locksmith rekey your locks. This is because if your car falls into the wrong hands, if you do not rekey car locks, any individual may gain access to your vehicle. Our technicians can rekey your locks, and then perform a quick key cutting to give you a brand new key that will work with your new locks. In addition to our traditional rekey service, we also remove broken key if you happen to break your key while opening the door or starting the ignition. Call Mesa Locksmith for a quick, professional door lock rekey.


I bet your business could benefit greatly from having a rekeyable door lock installed. Mesa Locksmith Pro will take out the old rusted system and breathe life in to the spot where it once was. It is important to rekey locks, especially when they have not been realigned in more than a few years. Archaic systems are known to fail and jam up. This causes broken keys and all kinds of avoidable headaches.


The best locksmiths in Maricopa County want to assist you when things get tricky. That is why our rekey locks service is so reliable. The technicians we deploy are beyond capable of doing any jobs directed towards Mesa Locksmith Pro. Even the most difficult of deadbolts can be reset and brought back to pristine status. Don’t get blocked or held up any longer.

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